Monday, August 18, 2008

Illustration Friday

Topic: Detach

Found me a very cool blog called Illustration friday. Should be an interesting experience, i recomend everyone should check it out. 


Taj said...

clever and fucking dope as usual. only crits i can think of for this one, tangent on the light bulb and the arm of the robot annnnd could probably use more contrast on the hand cutting. (couldve probably made the shiny silver face more real with some reference from and old timey toaster too) meh it all still reads though and is great so whatever.

sLav said...

yea i have to agree. however i am more worried about the left hand not standing out then the bulb tangency. as for the face, i dont really mind it man. i feel like Spielberg has the all round trade mark on that whole old tv robot face look. i am just trying to find a different style that works, and is not necessarily hyper real. btw i hope i have some classes with you this year. you always give me a great alternative point of view on my work. for that i thank you.

Nat said...

Hey, awesome, Slav. My only little nitpick is that the construction of those scissors would mean they're probably incapable of cutting anything. I see your concern with the left hand getting a little lost among the wires. Perhaps that could be fixed by approaching the wires with the scissors at a different angle.

I finally have some time off before school, I think I might get on board with Illustration Friday as a pre-semester warm up. :)

sLav said...

yea the scissors are a bit wacked but what can you do. i didnt really want to spend allot of time on it, and to be honest i just like the shape, i wasnt thinking about practical use of the design. i mean after all we arnt industrial designers here it doesnt always have to work! does it? :)